Learn Islamic Kalma in Arabic Online

Quran for kids is an intuitive instructive application produced for Muslim with the component of word by word recitation, interpretation, and transliteration. The six Kalma of Islam are a sign of confidence for each Muslim. Consequently the retention and comprehension of these Islamic Kalma in Arabic is exhorted for Muslim youngsters and grown-ups. Kids Kalma Series is an extremely supportive application for taking in the Kalma in Arabic with interpretation in English.


Advantages of Islamic Kalma in Arabic

Quran for kids includes the six Kalma of Islam which are major to Muslim conviction, consequently the advantages of this application are uncountable. Each Kalma has its own significance and every word in a Kalma helps in increment of Iman. Taking after rundown involves the names of six Kalma and their motivation:

  • First Kalma, Kalma Tayyeba, is the essential necessity for any Muslim to be a genuine devotee.
  • Second Kalma of Shahadat is the certification that a Muslim gives of his confidence in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Third Kalma, Kalma Tamjeed, is for glorification of Allah.
  • Fourth Kalma, Kalma Tauheed, fortifies the confidence in the Oneness of Allah.
  • Fifth Kalma, Kalma Astaghfar is for apology and to ask absolution from Allah. Furthermore,
  • Sixth Kalma, Kalma Rad a Kufr, rejects mistrust and submits to confidence in Allah.
  • 5th-kalima

Few advantages of Quran for kids are:

  • Word by word recitation will help the peruser, particularly children to listen and take in the words.
  • Word by word Translation upgrades the downplaying of every expression of Kalma giving clarity in the significance of confidence of a Muslim.
  • The word by word transliteration is an extraordinary element for a Muslim whose first dialect is other than Arabic. The transliteration in English aides in directing towards right articulation of every expression of Kalma.
  • Ease of utilizing the app ‘Quran for kids’ at whatever time anyplace empowers the clients to take in the Kalmas at their favored times anyplace they are.
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Components of Quran for kids

  • Wordy by Word: Quran for kids has been produced with word by word strategy for intelligent learning.
  • Translation: The interpretation of Kalma in English is given in word by word structure and additionally finish structure.
  • Transliteration: The transliteration of six Kalma is given in English for each and every word and also entire structure.
  • Recitation: Recitation of six Kalma is given in Kids Kalma Series in word by word structure and additionally verse by verse structure.
  • Customization: Option for redoing the content shading, text dimension and foundation shading is given for clients.



Quran for kids is an extremely intriguing application for Muslim youngsters to take in the six Kalma of Islam. Counting this Islamic application on your cell phone will help your child learn Kalma in an intuitive way. This application ‘Quran for Kids’ will start a learning background for your child that will move them towards increasing more Islamic information.

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