Importance of learning Quran

Quran is the Holy book of Allah bestowed upon the whole humanity through Mohammad (PBUH). It is utter and complete. Quran is not an ordinary book it carries Allah’s words unlike the other books that are written by humans. The human written books cover only a single topic whereas Quran itself covers every possible aspect of human life. The code of life originates from Holy Quran. It was sent upon humans as a light to remove the darkness from the world. Allah has commanded us to read, understand and preaching it to the rest of the world as a duty and we have to fulfil this duty at any stake. Quran tells us about the Day of Judgement and why we should fear from that day and how to pass through it with success. The Quran will be a proof and will intercede for us on the Day of Judgement.


Following the guidance, learning, reciting and preaching of Quran is not just a reward for us on the Day of Judgement but also we get benefits in this world too. Our status in this life is raised by Allah. It gives peace and satisfaction to our heart. Allah has promised us for ten rewards on each letter we recite from Quran. Plus in Akhirah the reciter of Quran will be in the company of obedient and noble angels. The position of a person is also determined by the amount of Quran a person learns in life. In short Quran itself can take you to Jannah (Paradise).


The knowledge that Quran carries is what makes it important.  Allah has given us all the guidelines of spending our lives in an appropriate manner under His law. Every aspect of life is mentioned in the Holy Quran that a man could think of. But alongside it is necessary to get proper education from an institute or a religious person because a normal person cannot analyze the words of Allah without the guidance of Hadith.


The recitation Is done with tajwid. Tajwid provides us the ways of how an individual should pronounce the syllables, , to elision, where the pronunciation should be long or short, where to pause and where to be fluent, where the word should sound together and where they should sound separate etc. There are melodious and musical features of recitation in Quran. In order to prevent from incorrect pronunciation, reciters who are not native speakers of Arabic language strive to follow a training programs in countries such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt.


Knowing the importance of learning of Quran, Quranforkids offers a service where you can learn Quran online with tajwid. It is a Quran teaching online academy. The aim of this academy is to spread the words of Allah that is Quran. It is an obligation of all Muslims to learn Quran as commanded by Allah. Quran provides the basic guideline so without knowing Quran we can’t know Islam. Get enrolled in our program and learn Quran.

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